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В этой столице Орды правит могучий таурен Кэрн Кровавое Копыто.

Thunder Bluff is the faction of the Tauren capital city Thunder Bluff located in the northern part of the region of Mulgore. The whole of the city is built on bluffs several hundred feet above the surrounding landscape, and is accessible by elevators on the southwestern and northeastern sides.


The great city of Thunder Bluff lies atop a series of mesas that overlook the verdant grasslands of Mulgore. The once nomadic Tauren recently built the city as a center for trade caravans, traveling craftsmen and artisans of every kind. It was established by the mighty chief Cairne Bloodhoof after the Tauren, with help from the orcs, drove away the centaurs that originally inhabited Mulgore. Long bridges of rope and wood span the chasms between the mesas, topped with tents, longhouses, colorfully painted totems, and spirit lodges. The Tauren chief watches over the bustling city, ensuring that the united Tauren tribes live in peace and security.


Rumstag Proudstrider has the Thunder Bluff repeatable cloth quests used by non-tauren Horde players to obtain the right to ride kodos at exalted.

Surrounding zones Mulgore and the Barrens have the most quests for gaining reputation with Thunder Bluff.

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