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Столица Кель'Таласа, родины эльфов крови. Город, разрушенный Артасом в ходе нападения на Солнечный Колодец, сейчас вновь возродился к жизни.

Silvermoon City is the capital of the blood elves, located in the northeastern part of the Eversong Woods within the kingdom of Quel'Thalas. The breathtaking capital city of the blood elves may rival the dwarven capital of Ironforge as the world's oldest, still standing, capital. Recently rebuilt from the devastating blow dealt by the evil Prince Arthas, the city houses the largest population of blood elves left on Azeroth.
Silvermoon today is only the eastern half of the original city; the western half was almost completely destroyed by the Scourge during the Third War. Falconwing Square, the second blood elf town, is the only part of western Silvermoon remaining in blood elf control. The Dead Scar (the path taken by Arthas Menethil and his undead army on the quest to resurrect Kel'Thuzad, which carves through all of Eversong Woods) separates the rebuilt Silvermoon from the ruins of the western half. Interestingly, the Ruins of Silvermoon house no undead, instead they contain Wretched and malfunctioning Arcane Patrollers. As it stands, what remains of Silvermoon City is still bigger than current Horde cities.


The city of Silvermoon was founded by the high elves after their arrival in Lordaeron thousands of years ago. The city was constructed out of white stone and living plants in the style of the ancient Kaldorei Empire. The city contained the famous Academies of Silvermoon as a center for the learning of Arcane Magic and Sunstrider Spire, a majestic palace home to the Royal family of the high elves. The Convocation of Silvermoon (also known as "The Silvermoon Council"), the ruling body of the high elves was also based here. Across a stretch of ocean to the north is the island that contains the Sunwell.
Although Silvermoon itself was left relatively unscathed from the second war, in the third war the Death Knight Arthas led the Scourge into the city, attacking it on his quest to reach the Sunwell. The High Elven King was slain and the majority of the population killed. Scourge forces held the city for a time but abandoned it after the depleting of its resources.
Though the city was attacked by the Scourge, it is not as destroyed as one might think. Though many of its plants are dead, and the occasional dead body is sprawled across the cobblestone, the city was immune to the fire and destruction. Silvermoon now resembles a ghost town, intact, but eerily abandoned. Nevertheless, treasure hunters often frequent Silvermoon to try and find some of the valuable artifacts that the elves left behind before they deserted the city, but the ghosts of Silvermoon's past inhabitants prevents anyone from taking anything.


A comprehensive list of quests that grant Silvermoon reputation can be found here.
Sorim Lightsong is the quest giver for the repeatable [Runecloth] quest that must be completed by non-blood elf Horde players in order to reach exalted and gain the ability to ride hawkstriders, the mount of the blood elf race.

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